Our Services

What do we do?

We help you tell your story.

Rooted Local is a communications agency dedicated to helping leaders in business and organizations use their story to grow strong roots. Stories connect people, inspire action, and support a thriving exchange in both capital and connections, and we want to help you find, use, and harness the power of your unique narrative to reach your goals.

We provide customized consulting and coaching for individuals and groups to help find your voice with strategic campaigns for events, programs, products, and services, collaborative content creation for your digital marketing, and support for navigating the process of finding your value and worth in your professional landscape.

Learn more about our small but mighty team and storytelling approach here and see more on our services below.

We Consult on Your Communications Strategy

We partner with businesses and organizations to help audit, strategize and build communication networks including interpersonal relationships between community agencies, social media and digital marketing presence, traditional and non-traditional marketing, events, and outreach programming.

Based on our client’s needs we will gather information through tools including research, interviews, and public events, and provide a road map to creating a communication plan that effectively reaches customers, constituents, and partners with clear and concise visual and written content.

We Coach 1-on-1 & Groups

To tell our story in business is a process deserving of thought and time.

We work one-on-one and with groups to coach you through finding your voice, getting familiar with your audience, and using your internal and external communication channels to effectively share your brand and cultivate authentic relationships with your ideal audience.

We believe effective communication and authentic storytelling is what creates bold brands with dedicated customers, and we want to help you tell yours.

We Help You Build Effective Campaigns

Need help unrolling a marketing campaign around your next event, launch, or promotion?

We help with that! We collaborate with you and your team, along with our favorite creative service providers to plan a holistic outreach strategy with a suite of custom content to support your goals.

We’ve supported campaigns with social media management, creative content direction, public relations, in-person events, online networking and more.

We love to support professional networks and community organizations through virtual and in-person training and public speaking. Interested in hiring us to speak at your next event? Reach out! (Link to contact page)