About us

Who are we?

Every story is rooted in people + places.
We are a communications agency specialized in thoughtfully telling yours.

Rooted Local provides strategic planning and consulting focused on harnessing the power of community, championing for locally-minded organizations, and thoughtful storytelling in support of local prosperity.

With small-town roots and experience in entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, fundraising, event coordination, marketing, and grassroots economic development, the Rooted team is passionate about the prosperity of people and their places.

Why Storytelling?

For the entirety of human existence, stories have been told among community leaders, clergy, matriarchs; written in texts, sung in a harmony, carved into stone. They’ve inspired movements, offered support to suffering, laid foundations for legacy among change-makers in business, philanthropy, technology, the arts, and beyond. Today, often without realizing, we use platforms like Facebook and email to tell our own tiny stories multiple times a week. We are speaking a unique narrative into the world with each photo snap, graphic, or call to purchase, engage, or take action with our organization. 

A carefully written story can build audiences, keep customers, boost sales–all results we want to see in our capital data, as well as in the qualitative scope of how we are showing up in our community. Just as capital wealth is passed hand to hand via cash, social wealth is exchanged through narratives, creating an invaluable currency that connects every brand with a perfectly matched, adoring crowd.

These stories build relationships and reassure customers that you understand their needs; you’re here to support them. People and their places grow more resilient as communities show up, lend a hand, and lift up their neighborhoods, but first, resilient leaders must tell their stories and let their listeners know how to show up in return. That’s why we do the work we do.

Jessica Brauer


Jessica Brauer is a communications consultant, community cheerleader, wellness advocate, and freelance writer based in Laramie, Wyoming. She is passionate about capturing the authentic stories of people and their places; dedicated to celebrating humanity through her work; forever exploring, learning, and sharing.

Kyla Magrath

Kyla Magrath is an experienced marketing professional, who previously worked for the Green River Chamber of Commerce as their Marketing Specialist. Currently, Kyla also works as a freelance graphic designer, photographer and artist. Kyla’s passion is helping people discover their creativity and unique voice to tell their story to the world.

Do we have your attention?

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